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The Next Generation Of Law Enforcement Protection Is Here...Now!

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The COPBLOC Tactical Shield is a clear, BodyCam friendly, light-weight option for officers to deter or protect themselves from unexpected projectiles and small arms fire while in their vehicle. The shield can also be deployed to protect the officer during felony stops.
  • Protects Driver
  • Level 2 Ballistic Material
  • Portable
  • Easy to install
  • Deployable
  • Body Cam Friendly
Shield Thumb
Shield used in the test firing.
10 Rounds 9mm and 9 Rounds .40 Cal.
The ergonomically positioned "Rack" can be mounted on both the passenger side as well as the driver side with no interference with window operation.

Each rack is specifically machined to fit the most common police vehicles, i.e, Explorers, Interceptors, Pick ups, Yukons, etc.
Custom orders upon request.
"Maximizing law enforcement safety"
Committed to providing a tactical advantage for law enforcement
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